Ross discovered editing while working as a production assistant in Toronto’s once vibrant music video scene. He was captivated by this craft, that combined his passions for music, theater, and problem-solving. Since then, Ross has been at the forefront of Canada’s post production community as an editor, mentor and business owner, co-founding Saints Editorial in 2014.

A consummate storyteller, Ross has edited some of advertising’s iconic commercials including Tropicana “Arctic Sun”, Budweiser “Born The Hard Way” and Johnnie Walker’s “This Land”. He is a trusted collaborator of some of the worlds top directors and creatives and his work has garnered numerous awards from around the globe.

Ross continues to work on projects that challenge and push boundaries. His latest film “Ana Paula”, a Spanish Language featurette shot in Durango, Mexico, has won multiple awards at the Arizona International Film Festival, Independent Shorts Awards, Sipontum Arthouse International Film Festival and will be featured at the Burbank International Film Festival this September.